French multinational groups in 2013: 5.4 million workers employed outside France

Vincent Gombault et Ismaël Haffoud, division Profilage et traitement des grandes unités, Insee

In 2013, French multinational groups (excluding the banking sector) controlled 37,000 overseas subsidiaries. They made 53% of the consolidated turnover for the groups of which they were a part and employed 55% of their workforce, or 5.4 million employees. Of these, 38% worked in a European Union (EU) country, primarily in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. In all countries combined, 39% of overseas workers are employed in industry, although this figure is 53% for Germany. Investment by French groups is now tending to move away from the EU.

Insee Focus N° 63
No 63
Paru le : 20/09/2016