Wages in the territorial civil serviceIn 2014, the average net wage increased by 0.8% in constant euros

Christophe Michel, division Salaires et revenus d’activité, Insee ; Safiedine Hama, département des études et des statistiques locales, DGCL

In 2014, the average net wage in the territorial civil service, across all jobs and categories, was €1,877 a month full-time equivalent, up by 1.4% in current euros compared to 2013. Taking inflation (+0.5% in 2014) into account, it increased by 0.8% in constant euros. An increase in the number of staff on subsidised contracts weighed down on this trend: excluding subsidised contracts, the average net wage increased by 1.2%. The average net salary of civil servants (who represented nearly 80% of full-time equivalent employees) rose by 1.4% in constant euros; the wage of other employees (including those on subsidised contracts) fell by 1.3%. The increase in the average net wage of all territorial civil service employees reflected changes in the wages of individuals and in the structure of this population, caused by changes in the workforce (recruitment, retirement, contract terminations, subsidised contracts, etc.). For people who remained in their jobs with the same employer and same proportion of work, i.e. two thirds of territorial civil service employees, the average net wage increased by 2.1% in constant euros. The median net wage, which was €1688 a month in 2014, increased for all territorial civil service employees, by 1.2% in constant euros. Wage inequalities remained stable overall between 2013 and 2014. They tended to grow in the lower half of the wage scale (due to an increase in staff on subsidised contracts and a lack of adjustment in the civil service minimum index), and reduce in the upper half.

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