The main resources of 18-24 year olds - First results of the national survey on the resources of young adults

Laura Castell, Insee, Mickaël Portela et Raphaëlle Rivalin, Drees

Financial assistance from parents represents a crucial contribution for 18-24 year olds. At the end of 2014, seven out of ten young adults received regular financial support and this was given to nine young adults out of ten who were studying. When not living only with their parents, young adults who were studying received more than €500 in parental assistance per month. Parents’ financial contribution varied according to social background: when they were helped, the children of managers received a total amount which was 2.5 times higher than the children of workers. Parental assistance was often in addition to State support, with housing allowances as the main springboard: the latter were paid to one young adult in two who owned their own dwelling.

At the end of 2014, three young adults out of ten had a job. They had fixed-term and open-ended employment in equal proportions and earned €1,250 net per month on average. They received much less financial support from their families and the State and more than half of them still lived with their parents. In addition, a quarter of the young adults who were studying worked during the week preceding the survey, almost half of whom as part of a sandwich course or paid internship.

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Paru le : 20/06/2016