The inhabitants of urban policy districts – Poverty alongside other weaknesses

Auriane Renaud, François Sémécurbe, division Études territoriales, Psar Analyse urbaine, Insee

In Metropolitan France, 4.8 million people live in 1,300 urban policy districts. The population of these districts, by their very definition, is frequently affected by poverty. The inhabitants are on average younger than the urban population. Large families, single parents or foreigners are also more often resident here. As well as financial poverty, the population of urban policy districts has weaknesses in several areas. In particular, it integrates with difficulty into the labour market and lacks training and qualifications. Social housing is very present in urban policy districts: 8 social housing units for 10 households, three times more than in the urban area encompassing these districts.

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No 1593
Paru le : 03/05/2016