In 2015, prices in the Paris region exceeded provincial prices by 9%

Émeline Clé et Luc Sauvadet, division Synthèses des biens et services, Laurence Jaluzot, Fabien Malaval, Guillaume Rateau, division Prix à la consommation, Insee

In 2014, the prices of goods and services consumed in France exceeded the European average by 7%. These prices were not however standardised over the French territory. In 2015, prices in the Paris metropolitan area were on average 9% higher than those in the provinces (excluding Corsica). These comparisons reflected differences in lifestyle between the Paris metropolitan area and the provinces. About a third of price differences were due to the cost of rent, higher by almost 50% for inhabitants of the Paris region. There was also a greater price disparity in health services, leisure and accommodation than for food, catering, transport, furniture and clothing. The cost of land drove wage levels upward, partly explaining higher prices than in the provinces, particularly in services.

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Paru le : 14/04/2016