Collective tourist accommodation in 2015 – French customers are back

Nicolas Millet, direction régionale de Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, Insee, et Fabrice Hillaireau, direction générale des Entreprises

In 2015, use of collective accommodation in Metropolitan France rose by 2%, or 8 million additional overnight stays. This increase was driven entirely by French customers (+ 3.1%), greater in number in all types of accommodation after three years of decline. Overnight stays by foreign tourists were slightly down (- 0.3%). At first they were moderately up during the first three quarters, despite a disappointing August in campsites. Then they retreated sharply in November and December, following the attacks of 13 November. In the hotel business, overnight stays by foreign tourists increased throughout the year, despite a fall in number in the last quarter. There was a spectacular rise in the number of Chinese tourists, while the number of customers from other distant destinations (Russians, Japanese, Brazilians) contracted. In campsites and other collective accommodation, growth was driven by residents only: the number of overnight stays by non-residents fell, especially in the last quarter. In the hotel business and campsites, the higher the classification of the establishment, the higher its occupancy rate. In 2015, coastal accommodation enjoyed the highest increase in visitor numbers. Accommodation in the Paris area was struggling, especially late in the year.

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Paru le : 07/04/2016