Market services in 2015 - Report for market services accounts committee

Division « Services » de l'Insee, sous la direction de Paul Franceschi, coordonné par Thierry Méot

In 2015, value added of non financial market services increases in volume by 1.4%, after +1.1% in 2014 and +0.6% in 2013. It is almost 34 % of the value added of french economy. Demand from businesses and administrations strengthen, particularly for investment (+4.8 %, after +2.0 % in 2014). Household consumption also grows, but slower (+1.4%, after +0.9% in 2014). Under these circumstances, computer programming, consultancy and related activities are the more dynamics while leisure and cultural activities get good colours. Employment gains 122.000 jobs in full-time equivalent. Market services foreign trade deficit still widens.

Documents de travail N° E2016/02
No E2016/02
Paru le : 06/07/2016