Access to services, a question of population density

Max Barbier, Gilles Toutin, Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires, David Levy, pôle Analyse territoriale, Insee

In Metropolitan France, one in two inhabitants is able to reach their main everyday services by road in under 4 minutes. Between the most densely populated and the most thinly populated municipalities, when considering population distribution at a detailed level, access times vary by a factor of three. In some regions, more than one in four inhabitants lives more than 7 minutes away from everyday services. This journey time may be longer due to the relief of the terrain or the wide dispersal of the population. The inhabitants of an urban centre can access services most quickly. This is less the case in the urban peripheries of these urban centres, but access times are longest beyond the suburban limit.

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No 1579
Paru le : 06/01/2016