Performance indicators of the French pension system

Yves DUBOIS et Anthony MARINO

Equity and solidarity are main concerns for the French pension system. These concepts are linked with the one of returns: return between generations, between pensioners of the same generation… Returns allow to summarize several dimensions: either related to financial data (pensions and contributions) or durations (activity and retirement). We choose here two indicators: the internal rate of return and the recovery rate. Second, those actuarial indicators should be interpreted with caution. In an intertemporal approach, the choice of the updating rate is crucial. Moreover, how to compare people of different generations who have not known the same growth pace ? The pension system is strongly linked to the economic growth, such a dependence has an impact on the interpretation of the statistics. We use the microsimulation model Destinie 2 that allows us to project pensions in the long run for each individual and, thus, to have all information we need to estimate the indicators: working life duration, social security contributions, pensions and retirement duration. To compute the level of contributions, we have to take account of the diversification of the financing of the french pension system.

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Paru le : 27/02/2015