Market services in 2012

Paul Franceschi, Thierry Méot, Zoubir Bouziani, Katell Landru, Aurélien Lavergne, Sonia Ngaha, Éric Rakedjian, Philippe Varrambier

In 2012, the volume of market services value added increased by 0.5%, after +2.1% in 2011. Nevertheless, employment grew by 0.2%, that makes +31.000 jobs in full-time equivalent. Market services are affected by the lack of strength of domestic demand: demand from businesses and administrations slows down (+1.0%, after +3.2% en 2011), as household demand (+0.4%, after +1.5 % en 2011). Information and communication activities remain the more dynamics. Leisure and cultural activities are the more disadvantaged by the drop in household purchasing power. The deficit of market services trade balance increases (€4.1 billions, after €1.8 billion in 2011).

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