Employment in the farming sector in 2009

Sophie VILLAUME avec la collaboration de la MSA

On average, more than 300 000 contracts a day are in progress in the farming sector in 2009. More than a third are seasonal, and one fifth of the non seasonal contracts are fixed-term contracts. Between 2002 and 2009, the average number of seasonal fixed-term contracts is rising, at the cost of open-ended contracts. 43% of the average number of contracts are concluded in viticulture and culture of cereals. In fruits culture, the recourse to seasonal contracts is more important than in other specializations. Among the employees of the farming sector who first signed a seasonal contract in 2007, half didn't signed another contract during the next two years. As for the employees who first signed a non-seasonal fixed-term contract in 2007, half are still non seasonal employees in the farming sector in 2008 (and a third in 2009). 59% of employees who first signed an open-ended contract in 2007 are still employees in the farming sector on december 31st, 2009. Among the contracts of non-executive full-time employees, half of the open-ended contracts are paid at least 10.70 euros in 2009 (this amounts to 9.90 euros an hour for fixed-term contracts, whether they are seasonal or not).

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