A breakdown of households Wealth National Account according to household category in 2003

Sébastien Durier, Lucile Richet-Mastain et Mélanie Vanderschelden

The household National Wealth Account published by the national statistical office allows to describe in a complete and consistant frame the constitution of stocks (assets and liabilities held by households during a year) with economic flow like savings. It is designed at a macro-level on the whole population, so it can be used to analyse a “mean” household but without information on disparities between households. On the other hand, the Wealth Survey provides individual data on assets and liabilities held by households. Nevertheless, this survey estimates may be different from national accounts figures. These two approaches (macro and micro levels) have been combined to give a breakdown of wealth measured in the national accounts (for the year 2003) according to five criteria : standard of living, household composition, age or socio-professionnal category of the head of the household, and distinction of the size of the residence area. Results published can be found of the website : http://www.insee.fr/fr/themes/theme.asp?theme=16&sous_theme=2.2 This working paper describes the methodology used to breakdown the household national account concerning Wealth using survey data.

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