Présentation de l'enquête "Vie quotidienne et santé" de 2007


The survey « Daily life and health » has been collected in 2007. This survey is used as a filter for the “households” -part of the Disabilities and Health Survey (collected in 2008 and 2009). About 260 000 persons answered the 26 questions. The questionnaire deals with disability in a most manifold manner. So there are questions on health, on activity limitations, on helps and, eventually, on administrative recognition of disability and general question on the perception the persons have of their situation. From these questions, persons (having answered) were divided in four groups, according to their state of health and their situation of disability presumed. This is now the sample frame of the “household”- part of the survey. Persons will be drawn with the higher likelihood as the supposed situation is bad. The different steps of the device of the Disability and Health Survey take place from 2007 till 2009. So a more recent sample frame than the “échantillon-maitre1” were needed. The survey include local extensions, notably overseas areas. As a result, the sample design is a very complex one, represented here. The preparation, correction, imputation, non-participation correction and weighting of the sample frame, after collection, is also represented. The quality of this survey (the filter) is estimated by comparing results with those of close surveys by their topic (Daily life and health 1999) or in time (Survey on Incomes and life’s conditions-SILC-2006 and Labour force survey - LFS-2007 - supplementary survey). The number of responses justified an autonomous study, giving an outline of variations by sex and age, by also by areas of the prevalence of activity limitations and the feeling the persons have of their disability.

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