Agricultural Income in 2011- First Forecasts

Marie-Hélène Blonde, Alexandre Bernaudeau, Michel Braibant et Claire Lesdos

According to the first estimates for 2011, the value of agricultural production rose in value and volume. The year was marked by a particularly strong recovery in prices for livestock and milk while they stagnate for crop production. However strong growth in input prices increases the costs of farmers and deteriorates the results of the industry. Overall, agricultural income per labour unit in real terms would decline by 3 % in 2011. This modest change followed three years of large-scale fluctuations downward and upward-related volatility. In trend, it stabilizes at a level comparable to 2004 or 1994. As always, all agricultural activities are not affected in the same way depending on the evolution of each of their products and their inputs.

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Paru le : 20/12/2011