AGRICULTURAL INCOME IN 2007#Report on economic accounts.

Jean-Michel Annequin, Véronique Guihard, Claire Lesdos, Claire Plateau et Jacqueline Robin

In 2007, in France as in EU-27, agricultural income has been recovering for the second year. The leap in cereals and oilseeds prices has improved crops farmers’ income. But it has also made feeding stuff more expensive, so that it has restricted stockbreeder income. In France, agricultural factor income per labour unit increased by 11 % in real terms in 2007, after 10 % in 2006 ; it has gone down for a long time, from 1999 to 2005. The entrepreneurial income per unpaid annual work unit increased by 17 % in real terms, after 18 % en 2006. The increase in cereals prices has also been beneficial to french exports and the external trade surplus on food and drinks has improved.

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