Market services in 2009#Report on the accounts

M-É. Hassan, H. Genuit, C. Bordet, J. Pagès et P. Varrambier sous la direction de J. Accardo

French market-service output declined 2.1% in 2009, contributing to the 3.6% contraction in the total economy. In 2008, the banking crisis and worsening economic conditions dampened activity in most services, but the total sector still managed to grow 0.9%. The 2009 downturn affected most services, including the former drivers of market-service growth such as information technology, miscellaneous business services, and engineering. The only traditional service-sector engine to maintain steady real output was telecommunications. The hardest-hit service was temporary work, which slumped 24.2%. The overall business decline sent employment down 2.7%—a response to the steep 6.1% drop in investment.

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Paru le : 01/06/2010