The situation of distributive trades in 2006#Draft report of the National Accounts Commission for Wholesale and Retail Trade

sous la direction de Dominique BONNANS, par Jean-Yves FOURNIER, Christophe MICHEL et Vincent VICAIRE, avec la collaboration de Clovis CLOTAIL et Allaoui MIRGHANE

In a context of a moderate economic growth, the sales of the three trade sectors exhibit mixed results. In the wholesale trade (excluding the wholesale trade on a fee or contract basis), the growth of sales decreases (+ 1,3 %) after a dynamic trend during the two preceding years. This slowdown is mainly implied by the fall of the agricultural raw material sales (in volume). But, others wholesale trade sectors as those in machinery, equipment and supplies or in household goods contribute also to the slowdown while they are usually the more dynamic. The retail trade (including bakery and delicatessen) maintains its growth in 2006 (+ 2,1 %), although slightly below the rate of the 2002-2004 period. Like usual, the more dynamic sectors are the specialized stores in nonfood goods and the pharmacy in 2006. The sales of the wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (including automotive fuel) are steady (+ 0,0 %). In 2006, the salaried employment rises negligibly in the whole trade sectors (+ 0,6 %) ; this increase is only supported by the retail trade. The number of firms increases slightly (+ 0,4 %) but also only thanks to the retail trade.

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