The economic situation of trade in 2008

Sophie O'PREY, Christophe MICHEL, Clovis CLOTAIL et Vincent VICAIRE sous la direction de Dominique Bonnans

In 2008, the household consumption driven by the trade sector channel decreased by 0.4% in volume, after an average annual increase of 2.4% between 1999 and 2007. Sales of vehicles and automobile repair fell by 2.8% in volume. At the same time, retail trade and craft sales remained stable (+ 0.2%) in spite of the dynamism of some sectors as the non-food specialized retail trade sector (+ 4.0%) and the pharmacy sector (+ 1.5%). Finally, the wholesale trade sales slowed down in 2008 (+ 1.7% in volume compared with +2.4% in 2007). Salaried employment went down in 2008 across the trade industry with 12 900 jobs lost (- 0.4%).

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