Market services in 2014 – Growth remained weak

Thierry Méot, division Services, Insee

In 2014, non-financial market services represented 33% of the value-added of the French economy. Their value-added increased by 0.6% in volume, following +0.7% in 2013 and +0.9% in 2012. Demand from enterprises and general government grew, particularly for investment (+0.5%, following -0.5% in 2013), including in IT services. The telecommunications sector remained the most dynamic (+3.9%). Conversely, household consumption of services slowed (+0.7% in volume, following +0.9% in 2013). Activities related to culture and leisure therefore continued to struggle. Employment rose slightly (+0.4%), with a gain of 52,000 full-time-equivalent positions. The foreign trade deficit widened.

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Paru le : 07/07/2015