The economic situation of trade in 2014

V. Andrieux, C. Bourdeaux, S. Le Faucheur, A. Rousset, R. Segreto, B.Trinquier, sous la direction de S. Bessière.

The activity restarts slightly in 2014 in trade sectors. This improvement is favored by the slight increase in business investment and the growth of household demand, which is a little more dynamic than in previous years. Sales rise slightly in volume in the wholesale and retail trade (+ 0.7%). In value terms, sales nevertheless fall in both sectors due to falling prices, very moderate in retail trade and more pronounced in the wholesale trade. In trade and repair of automobiles, sales stabilize in volume and value rise slightly . Wage employment in commercial areas continues to contract between late 2013 and late 2014, as in all the main market sectors (- 0.3 %).

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Paru le : 18/12/2015