Population census in New Caledonia in 2014 – Demographics remain dynamic

David Broustet, Pascal Rivoilan, Institut de la statistique et des études économiques de Nouvelle-Calédonie (Isee)

The population of New Caledonia stood at 269,000 inhabitants in August 2014. Population growth was still one of the most dynamic in the Pacific Islands. Since 2009, the date of the previous census, the population increased by 23,000. Most of this growth was due to natural increase, and to a lesser extent to imputed net migration which was +8,000 in five years. The South province now has 74% of the population against 19% in the North province and 7% in the Loyalty Islands. Two out of three New Caledonians live in the Greater Nouméa urban area. Population ageing has accelerated, but the proportion of young people is still high. The Kanak community is the largest, followed by Europeans and Wallisians and Futunans. However, a growing proportion of the population declare that they are of mixed race or “Caledonian”. The Caledonians are more and more highly qualified, but differences in qualification level between the different communities continue. Households are becoming steadily smaller and living standards are improving, although disparities between provinces persist.

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Paru le : 03/11/2015