Household wealth in early 2015 - Risky investments shunned in favour of more secure products

Rosalinda Coppoletta-Solotareff, Aline Ferrante, Maud Romani, division Revenus et Patrimoine des ménages, Insee

At the start of 2015, 94% of households in France were in possession of some sort of financial, property or professional assets. Almost six in ten households have at least one financial asset other than a current account, and own at least one property. In the period 2010-2015, households have tended to move away from securities in favour of more low-risk financial investments. Most notably, the prevalence of “Livret A” savings accounts has greatly increased. In early 2015, 75% of households had a savings account. Life insurance policies are still one of the preferred financial products of French households: over a third of households now have one. The Housing Saving Plan has once again become an attractive option, thanks to a rate of interest higher than that offered by the tax-free savings accounts. A quarter of households had a plan of this kind at the start of 2015. Property ownership has also increased very slightly.

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Paru le : 05/11/2015