Wages in the local civil service - In 2013, the average net wage remained almost unchanged in constant euros

Christophe Michel, division Salaires et revenus d'activité, Insee

In 2013, the full-time equivalent average net wage in the local civil service (LCS) for all categories combined stood at 1,851 euros, an increase of 0.8% in current euros compared with 2012. When inflation is taken into account (+0.9% in 2013), it fell by 0.1% in constant euros. After excluding people on subsidised contracts, the average net wage was stable, with no noticeable difference between tenured employees (80% of the full-time equivalent workforce) and other employees. However, the trend of the average net wage does not measure growth in individual wages. The wages of those who had been with the same employer and had the same work quota (two thirds of employees) increased by an average of 0.8% in constant euros. This is calculated on the basis of stable jobs, and is more favourable as it measures career progressions. In addition, it does not take into account the effects of workforce movements. In 2013, the many retirements and the increase in the number of subsidised contracts in the LCS, which are low-paid, affected the average net wage for all employees. The median net wage stood at 1,659 euros per month in 2013. As a result of the large number of people recruited on subsidised contracts, the net wage deciles fell in constant euros until the 8th decile. It was only for tenured employees that changes in the net wage deciles saw a slight improvement across the salary scale.

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