Standards of living in 2013

Antoine Boiron, Julie Labarthe, Lucile Richet-Mastain, Marie Zergat Bonnin, division Revenus et patrimoine des ménages, Insee

In 2013, for the population of metropolitan France, the median standard of living stood at 20,000 euros a year; it was virtually unchanged in constant euros compared with that of 2012. This change differed according to the position on the scale of living standards: there was a rise at the bottom of the scale and at the top living standards fell. The poorest 10% had a standard of living of below 10,730 euros. For the wealthiest 10% their standard of living was higher than 37,200 euros, i.e. 3.5 times more. The poverty line, which corresponds to 60% of the median standard of living for the population, stood at 1,000 euros per month. Poverty affected 8.6 million people, or 14.0% of the population. This proportion decreased slightly in 2013 (-0.3 points) and the severity of poverty declined. In addition, inequalities in standards of living between the poorest and the wealthiest decreased more sharply as a result of a downturn in investment income. Poverty declined most among the unemployed and adults aged under 30.

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Paru le : 22/09/2015