Tourist accommodation in 2014 – Decline in French and foreign tourist overnight stays

Nicolas Millet, direction régionale de Languedoc-Roussillon, Insee

Visits to collective tourist accommodation in Metropolitan France fell by 1.4% in 2014. They increased slightly on campsites only. Following a trend that began in 2011, overnight stays by tourists living in France continued to decline for most collective accommodation, due to competition from other destinations and other types of accommodation. Unlike in previous years, non-resident tourists did not make up for this shortfall (-1.2%). In the hotel business, the sharp decline in Russian clients weighed down on the overall results; clients from outside Europe represented an ever-increasing proportion of overnight stays, despite the continued decline in Japanese tourists. The slight increase in visitor numbers at campsites was however boosted by residents. The balance for the year was positive for coastal campsites, Paris region holiday residences and different types of accommodation on the Normandy coast. The occupancy rate tended to increase with the level of comfort in hotels and particularly at campsites. Non-classified establishments found it more difficult.

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Paru le : 08/04/2015