Thirty years of employment transfers in territories

Robert Reynard et Pascal Vialette, Pôle Synthèses locales, Insee et Clément Gass, Direction régionale d’Alsace, Insee

Between 1982 and 2011, despite successive economic shocks, the total number of jobs increased by over 20% in Metropolitan France, faster than the population (+16% over the same period). But some territories lost jobs, mainly due to the decline of productive activities. These included industrial manufacturing and agricultural production jobs. In contrast, territories where employment grew strongly often enjoyed a simultaneous increase in jobs related to the knowledge economy and those oriented towards services to the population. Thus in 2011, activities described as face-to-face, because they are related to the presence of people, accounted for 65% of total employment versus 56% in 1982. Numbers of employees increased by 42%, while those in the productive economy declined by 6%. In 2011, jobs in abstract production took precedence over concrete production jobs: these latter only represented 30% of the productive economy versus 56% in 1982.

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