Shopping time since 1974 – Less and less frequent and still longer on Saturdays

Cécile Brousse, division Conditions de vie des ménages, Aline Ferrante et Laure Turner, division Commerce, Insee

In 2010, the urban population spent an average of 2 hours and 41 minutes per week shopping, or 11% of their domestic time. In 35 years, the differences between men and women have reduced: the average weekly time set aside for shopping decreased by 28 minutes for women and increased by 21 minutes for men. Since 1974, the way people shop has also changed: time spent shopping has increased and shopping is done further from home. Consumers also benefit from longer opening times for shops. Shopping is an activity which with varying popularity: for women and for managers, it represents a chore more often than for men and manual labourers. For retirees, people with low qualifications or childless households, shopping is more enjoyable. Everyday shopping on the Internet was still rare in 2010 and practiced more by young consumers and managers.

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