Wages in the private sector and public companies - In 2012, the average net wage fell by 0.4% in constant euros

Christine Pinel et Lionel Wilner, département de l’Emploi et des revenus d’activité, Insee

In 2012, the average full-time equivalent (FTE) wage for a person working in the private sector or in a public company was 2870 euros gross and 2154 euros net of all deductions at source. Between 2011 and 2012, the net wage rose by 1.6% in current euros. Bearing in mind inflation (+ 2.0% in 2012), the average net wage in constant euros fell by 0.4% against 2011, after growth had slowed sharply in the previous two years. The median net wage stood at 1730 euros per month in 2012. It was 19.7% lower than the average net wage and fell by 0.6%in constant euros between 2011 and 2012. In 2012, net wages dropped at every level of the salary scale. The FTE wage gap between men and women narrowed slightly, although women's wages remained 19.2% lower than those of men. At a given sector, age, socio-occupational category and employment condition, the wage gap between men and women also narrowed, but was still higher than 10%.

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