Provisional estimates for agriculture in 2014 - Production volumes rising, prices falling

Guillaume Lubatti et Alexandre Bernaudeau, division Industrie et agriculture, Insee

The agricultural year 2014 was marked by an increase in production volumes and a fall in prices. These trends were particularly strong in arable crops and more moderate in livestock. Only milk and wine enjoyed a rise in both volumes and prices. All in all, the value of agricultural production including subsidies fell by 0.9% against 2013. At the same time, the costs borne by farmers fell further, mainly because of the drop in animal-feed and fertiliser prices. The value-added of the agricultural branch should therefore progress very slightly. Agricultural employment should continue to decline. According to the provisional estimates of the agriculture account, factor income per worker in the agricultural branch should rise by 1% in real terms in 2014, after declining sharply in 2013 and after three record years. This growth masks large disparities across farm types.

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No 1527
Paru le : 15/12/2014