Living standards in 2010

Carine Burricand, Cédric Houdré, Eric Seguin, division Revenus et patrimoine des ménages, Insee

The French 2010 Taxable and Social Income Survey found an annual median income of €19,270, a 0.5% decline in constant (i.e., inflation-adjusted) euros on 2009. The lowest-earning 10% of the population had an annual income below €10,430 compared with at least €36,270, or 3.5 times as much, for the top 10%. The poverty line, defined as 60% of median income, came to €964 a month in 2010. Poverty continued to rise. The number of persons living in poverty reached 8.6 million or 14.1% of the population, up from 13.5% in 2009. The uptrend was particularly significant among the young, with the poverty rate rising 1.9 points to 19.6% among the under-18s. The greater impact of the poverty increase on the youngest age group is partly due to the non-extension of ad-hoc measures implemented in 2009 to alleviate the effects of the crisis on low-income households and the 2010 freeze on the family-benefits scale.

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Paru le : 07/09/2012