Trade in 2013 - Activity remained hampered by weak domestic demand

Virginie Andrieux, Catherine Bourdeaux, Sonia Le Faucheur, Florent Royer, Rémi Segreto, Benoît Trinquier, division Commerce, Insee

After reaching a standstill in 2012, trade activity was jeopardised in 2013 by a contraction in corporate investment and less buoyant demand from households. The automobile trade remained the most troubled sector: sales were down 3.3% in volume, following a decline of 6.6% in 2012. In the retail sector, sales retreated 0.7%, while activity increased slightly in wholesale trade. The number of salaried jobs in the trade sectors fell between end 2012 and end 2013, at the same scale as in all mainly market sectors (- 0.4%).

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Paru le : 27/06/2014