Born in France to an immigrant parent

Catherine Borrel et Bertrand Lhommeau, cellule Statistiques et Études sur l’immigration, Insee

In 2008, 3.1 million people aged 18-50 born in metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica) were children of immigrants. Half of them are aged under 30. Fifty percent have two immigrant parents, 20% descend from immigrants only on their mother's side, and 30% only on their father's side. One-half of direct descendants have an immigrant parent born in Europe, and four out of ten have an immigrant parent born in Africa, generally in North Africa. The youngest descendants have parents with more varied and more distant origins. One in two children of immigrants aged 18-30 has African origins. The regional distribution of descendants is slightly different from that of immigrants. One-third of descendants aged 18-50 live in the Paris region. Nearly one-quarter of descendants possessing French nationality have at least one other nationality. The vast majority of descendants learned French in childhood from at least one of their parents. In the following generation, 99% of descendants who have become parents in turn speak French with their children living in France.

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