Adult literacy and numeracy – Results of the 2012 PIAAC survey

Nicolas Jonas, division Emploi, Insee

In 2012, 24 OECD countries took part in an international survey of adult skills. Using computer exercises, the aim of the survey was to measure the ability of adults to use written information and figures. According to the survey, 22% of people aged 16 to 65 in Metropolitan France have a low level of literacy, and 28% a low level of numeracy. Across all the participating countries the average proportions were respectively16% and 19%.In Metropolitan France people aged 25 to 34 and people with higher-education qualifications achieved the best average results in terms of literacy and numeracy. However, it was not unusual for a person with a given level of qualifications to outperform another person with a higher level of qualifications. On average, women were less comfortable with figures, but equally comfortable with written information.

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Paru le : 08/10/2013