At end 2012, a portion of microenterprises are still ICT-free

Elvire Demoly, division Enquêtes thématiques et études transversales, Insee

In this internet age, not all microenterprises are computerised. At end 2012, three quarters of them used a computer, against all companies with at least 10 people. While one microenterprise in four has its own website, only 5% of them sell online. One microenterprise out of five uses EDI (electronic data exchange). Almost a third of microenterprises have entirely computerised an administrative formality in the course of the year, against nine-tenths of companies with at least 10 people. Microenterprises whose core business is information and communication technologies (ICT) quite logically use these technologies far more than the others, at a rate similar to that of larger corporations.

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Paru le : 25/02/2014