Large enterprises carry greater economic weight in northern France, small enterprises in southern France

Florent Rau, pôle Études économiques régionales et Vincent Hecquet, division Profilage et traitement des grandes unités, Insee

The new definition of “enterprise” yields a more accurate picture of the economy at local level. While large enterprises play a significant role in all regions, they carry the greatest weight in the Paris region (Île-de-France), in large cities, and in some historical industrial bastions. Intermediate-sized enterprises carry greater weight in northern regions. Small and medium-sized enterprises, which play a major role in local employment, cover a broad spectrum of the economy, from local service activities to consumer-goods industries. They are a particularly decisive presence in the island départements (e.g. Corsica). Micro-enterprises are primarily involved in the local economy and tourism. They carry greater weight in southern France and overseas départements (DOMs).

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Paru le : 03/04/2013