Adult training – More regular access for young people, employees of large enterprises, and the best educated people

Sébastien Gossiaux, division Emploi, Insee, Patrick Pommier, Dares

In Metropolitan France in 2012, more than one person out of two aged 18 to 64 took at least one training course in the year, for either personal or professional purposes. Access to training diminishes with age. Even when still in activity, older people take fewer vocational training courses than younger people; the same is true of unemployed people compared with working people, although unemployed people take longer training courses. Training is also more accessible to managers and people working in large enterprises. The rate of access to training increases with the level of qualifications. Family responsibilities and cost are the main obstacles mentioned when people state they have decided not to take a training course. And for those who do not aspire to training, this may be a form of self-censorship due to these difficulties, as well as a feeling of not being up to the task.

Insee Première N° 1468
No 1468
Paru le : 15/10/2013