Energy purchases in the market service sector in 2011

Hélène Thélot, division Enquêtes thématiques et études transversales, Insee

In 2011 mainly market service-sector establishments excluding transport purchased 17.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent in energy, for an energy bill of 17.3 billion euros before tax. Electricity was their largest energy purchase item: it accounted for almost 70% of quantities and 80% of the bill, against respectively 20% and 10% for gas. Two-thirds of energy purchased is devoted to operating requirements (lighting, heating, office equipment...), with the remaining third directly devoted to their activity (production of goods or services). The establishment's size, both in number of employees and in surface area, is the factor that has the biggest influence on the quantity of energy purchased. The sector also plays its part: when size and other characteristics are equal, accommodation/catering establishments purchase more energy than those in other sectors. Conversely, those in specialised scientific and technical activities purchase slightly less. 11% of service-sector establishments use renewable energy, the vast majority in the form of heat pumps.

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