Trade in 2012 – No escape from the crisis

Karine Diard, Laure Genebes, Stéphanie Lemerle, Christèle Rannou-Heim, Florent Royer, division Commerce, Insee

After two relatively positive years, trade was hit in 2012 by the slowdown in demand from households and businesses. The automobile trade sector was hardest hit: sales by volume in the sector fell by 6%. Activity slipped more moderately in wholesale trade (-0.4%, including wholesale intermediaries) and retail trade sales stagnated (+0.1%). Salaried employment in trade contracted between the end of 2011 and end of 2012 (-0.7%), as it did in the whole market sector (-0.6%). The slowdown in trade was mainly due to automobile sales and repair activity, with the decline observed in this sector since 2003 being accentuated in 2012 (-2.0%).

Insee Première N° 1457
No 1457
Paru le : 12/07/2013