National wealth in 2012 - Virtually stable

Léa Mauro, division Synthèse générale des comptes, Insee, Adeline Bachellerie, direction générale des Statistiques, Banque de France

At end 2012, national wealth stood at €13,588 billion, that is, nearly eight times the year's net domestic product. After a moderate rise in 2011 (+ 4.6% against + 7.7% on average between 2000 and 2010), wealth was virtually stable in 2012 (+ 0.4%). This slowdown was largely ascribable to non-financial assets, mainly dwellings and developed land. Like global wealth, that of households continued to grow, but at a slower pace (+ 1.6% after + 4.3% in 2011). Their non-financial wealth, mostly comprising housing and land, stagnated. Their net financial wealth, however, increased sharply (+ 7.0% after - 0.4% in 2011), most notably via the rise in value of the equity they own. In 2012, the net value of non-financial companies diminished (-  2.3% after + 10.5% in 2011). They invested less, particularly in manufactured goods. This decline took its toll on their non-financial wealth and came hand-in-hand with less recourse to debt. But their financial liabilities increased sharply due to the revaluation of the equity they issued. Lastly, the liabilities of general government grew once more.

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Paru le : 20/12/2013