National accounts in 2013 - GDP increased slightly, purchasing power stabilised

Anne-Juliette Bessone, Vladimir Passeron, Hélène Soual, département des Comptes nationaux, Insee

In 2013, growth in the French economy remained weak: gross domestic product grew by 0.3% in constant euros, as in 2012. Household consumption picked up after a historic collapse in 2012. However, total investment declined for the first time since 2009, the result of a reduction in spending by businesses as well as households. Imports recovered due to a slight recovery in domestic demand. Export growth was slightly higher, so trade contributed positively to growth. After a sharp decline in 2012, the purchasing power of gross disposable household income stabilised in 2013 due to disinflation, despite the increase in the tax burden. The household savings ratio was almost stable. Margins and cash flow of non-financial corporations decreased again.

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Paru le : 15/05/2014