Standards of living in 2012

Cédric Houdré, Juliette Ponceau, Marie Zergat Bonnin, division Revenus et patrimoine des ménages, Insee

In 2012, in Metropolitan France, the median standard of living was 19,740 euros a year, a drop of 1% in constant euros from 2011. The entire scale of living standards is on a downward curve but is less marked at the top and bottom of the scale. The 10% of the poorest people live on less than 10,610 euros. The 10% of the wealthiest people have at least 37,430 euros, i.e. 3.5 times more. The poverty line, set by convention at 60% of the median standard of living, stands at 987 euros a month. When measured in reference to that threshold, poverty is declining and returning to a level close to that of 2010. At the same time, the severity of poverty is increasing: the standard of living of the poor is relatively further from the poverty line. Poverty is increasing among single parent families. Their earnings are falling in a situation where there is little increase in social benefits. In contrast, the relative situation of retirees is improving.

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Paru le : 09/09/2014