In 2010, paid employees took an average of six weeks' leave

Vincent Biausque, Céline Thévenot et Loup Wolff, division Emploi, Insee

In 2010, French paid employees working under open-ended contracts (CDIs) who have held their jobs for at least one year took an average of slightly over six weeks' leave or reduction in working hours (RTT). Most of this time off is concentrated on school holidays and public holidays. The youngest employees take less leave than their older counterparts. There is little difference in leave-taking behaviour by gender or family status. By contrast, job characteristics such as working hours and schedules play a greater role. Managerial workers and intermediate occupations take more paid leave and RTT than the other categories, notably blue-collar workers. Employees of the public sector and large enterprises take the longest leaves and RTT. The self-employed take slightly over five weeks off.

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Paru le : 15/11/2012