Government accounts in 2013 - The deficit declined for the fourth consecutive year

Yacine Boughazi, Karine Boutier, Sylvain Larrieu, département des Comptes nationaux, Insee, Claire Jolly, Alexis Loublier, Rémy Mathieu, Brigitte Poiblanc, Benjamin Quevat, direction générale du Trésor, Anne Uteza, direction générale des Finances publiques

In 2013, the public deficit as defined in the Maastricht Treaty amounted to €88.8 billion, or 4.2% of gross domestic product (GDP). Compared to 2012, it reduced by 12.2 billion euros due to an increase in revenue which outstripped spending. As a share of GDP, government revenues increased by 1.1 points and spending by 0.5 points. The public deficit reduced mainly for central government agencies and, to a lesser extent, social security institutions, while it increased for local governments. In 2013, the tax rate stood at 44.7% of GDP, up 1.0 points compared to 2012. The weight of public debt in GDP rose by 3.1 percentage points to 91.8%.

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