Late learners on entering secondary school: more frequent in the most disadvantaged areas

Brigitte Baccaïni, Benoît de Lapasse, François Lebeaupin, Insee ; Olivier Monso, Depp

Of all the pupils entering secondary school for the first time in September 2011, 12.3% were considered to be at least one year behind. The probability of a pupil being a late learner varies considerably according to his or her social and demographic characteristics (sex, nationality, etc.) and those of the family. It also varies noticeably according to the geographic environment, at different levels. Within the educational districts, the towns or even the immediate neighbourhood of the children, late learners are found most frequently in areas marked by greater economic and social insecurity among the inhabitants. The risk of late learning is significantly linked to the characteristics of the neighbourhood, over and beyond the individual characteristics of the pupils.

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Paru le : 02/09/2014