Help given by relatives – young people more often receive help from their relatives

Michel Duée, Fella Nabli, division Conditions de vie des ménages, Insee

Being able to draw on the help of one’s family in case of need is an important component of quality of life. A large majority of people say they are able to be helped by their relatives whether through financial transfers, material assistance or moral support. But having this recourse is also a little easier when they can enjoy a high standard of living and do not have health problems; this is also so when they are young or have a wide social network. As well as these possibilities for help, 40% of individuals have received financial, material or moral support in the last 12 months. Young people receive the most help from their relatives, be it financial, material or moral. People with a modest income were helped more often than those with more money. This holds for financial assistance and moral support.

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No 1498
Paru le : 07/05/2014