Tourist accommodation in 2013 – A return of foreign customers confirmed

Sylvia Legait, pôle de compétence Tourisme, Insee, et Daniel Rulfi, direction générale de la Compétitivité, de l’Industrie et des Services

In 2013, in Metropolitan France, stays in all collective tourist accommodation rose again slightly (+ 0.7%) after stagnating in 2012. They progressed in campsites, and also in hotel and tourist residences, but slipped back in hotels. As in 2012, the rise in foreign customers (+ 4.8%) offset the fall in French clients (- 1.2%). The rise in stays by foreign visitors was driven primarily by Asian and American clients and, to a lesser extent, by clients from Europe; non-European clients now represent 33% of overnight stays in hotels, against 27% in 2010. The increase among foreign clients was also more pronounced in coastal zones and urban areas. Taking all types of accommodation together, the average length of stays fell (- 0.7%) for French and foreign tourists alike. Finally, clients continue to prefer classified establishments (hotels and campsites) over unclassified ones.

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No 1497
Paru le : 25/04/2014