Consequences of the crisis on regional employment

Stève Lacroix, division Statistiques régionales, locales et urbaines, Insee

The impact of economic crisis on employment was stronger in north-eastern France, particularly in industrial regions. The regions of southern France, where the tertiary sector accounts for a larger share of the economy, were the least affected. The western and south-western regions of Poitou-Charentes, Rhône-Alpes, Bretagne, and Pays de la Loire, which until now had displayed positive economic momentum, have nevertheless been impacted by the crisis. By contrast, employment in the Paris region has held up better than expected. As a result of the crisis, unemployment has risen in all départements. The hardest hit are those where the unemployment rate was already running very high in the previous period. But other départements that had been spared until today have also recorded heavy increases.

Insee Première
No 1295
Paru le : 18/05/2010