Sports and leisure goods trade: a fast-growing sector before the crisis

Claire De Kermadec, division Commerce, Insee

Between 1996 and 2006, the sports and leisure goods trade enjoyed robust growth, doubling its turnover in a decade. Although the number of companies has remained nearly constant, the sector is renewing itself by large entry and exit flows. In a parallel development, the average size of companies is rising, measured either by the number of outlets or by their workforce. The market is also becoming more concentrated. Indeed, it is far more concentrated than the entire non-food retail sector. Sportswear (clothing and footwear) accounts for an ever-larger share of turnover. Multispecialist companies-the most diversified in terms of product ranges sold-generate more than one-half of sector turnover although they represent only one company out of ten. However, smaller units subsist, specialized in one or two product ranges.

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Paru le : 11/10/2011