15,000 centenarians in France in 2010, 200,000 in 2060?

Nathalie Blanpain, division Enquêtes et études démographiques, Insee

Fifteen thousand centenarians were living in metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica) on 1 January 2010, or thirteen times as many as in 1970. Nine in ten centenarians were women, and almost all people aged 110 and over-the “supercentenarians”-are women. One in two centenarians lives at home, whether alone, with a partner, or with a person other than his or her spouse. The proportion of centenarians living alone or with a partner is rising. Men live at home more frequently than women. Fifty years from now, the number of centenarians in France could reach 200,000, or thirteen times as many as today. If life-expectancy conditions are better than expected, their number could rise to 380,000 by 2060, versus 120,000 under the opposite scenario.

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No 1319
Paru le : 27/10/2010