Population projections for 2060: one-third of the population aged over 60

Nathalie Blanpain, Olivier Chardon, division Enquêtes et études démographiques, Insee

If recent demographic trends persist, the population of metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica) will reach 73.6 million by 1 January 2060, an increase of 11.8 million on 2007. The number of people aged over 60 will rise as well, by more than 10 million. In 2060, one French person in three will be aged over 60. Until 2035, the proportion of people aged 60+ will rise sharply whatever the chosen scenarios for fertility, migration, and mortality. The surge will be a temporary phenomenon due to the entry of the baby-boomer cohorts into that age group. After 2035, the percentage of the population aged 60+ should continue to grow, but at a pace more sensitive to the various demographic scenarios.

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Paru le : 27/10/2010